Lotus Center

Michele Salinas LAc.-RN, with over 17 years of professional experience, specializes in individualized treatment plans based on the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine. She has a complete Chinese Herbal pharmacy. By appointment only. See website for fees and more information. There is ample information on the website www.lotuscentergso.com that you might need or want to know. If there is anything you cannot find there, please email me and let me know.. Return pediatric appointments- (infant to teen)-please contact me personally--Michele Salinas LAc, Dipl OM RN-BSN, MSOM

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Acupuncture, Return Appointment
New Patient: 1.) Acupuncture, or 2.) Pediatric visit
Laharr spirit-based treatment w/ acupuncture and/or essential oils. Please see Laharr.com for details about this kind of appointment
Pediatric Return Appointment
Appointment is for established pediatric patients (infant to teen); and will take 15-30 minutes. Apt times are limited so you will need to email or text for available apt. times (text number--336-701-2304.) For simple coughs, colds, tummy upset, ear infections and the like just contact me and we can dispense an herbal formula for your child that same day. Available Monday-Friday for established pediatric patients.
Chinese Herbal Medicine w/ Essential Oil treatment
Essential oil treatment without acupuncture
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